Global Health

Our graduates work around the world, and our residents rotate to many locations for educational experiences. The pins in the map below are a sampling from recent graduates and current residents. Click on each one for a description of that site.

International Sites


Work with Kate Powis, Class of 2007, and currently faculty for Mass. General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Kate studies maternal/infant HIV and staffs an inpatient unit while she is in Botswana, where she spends at least half of each year. When she is in Boston, she attends on the Bigelow, serves as a pediatric teaching attending and works in the MGH Chelsea Urgent Care clinic. 

Chiapas, Mexico

Jack Rowe (Class of 2016),  Matt Gartland (Class of 2017), and Madeleine Matthiesen (Class of 2018)  have gone to Chiapas to work with Compañeros en Salud (Partners in Health). The rotation focuses on proving support to young Mexican physicians practicing primary care in rural villages in the mountains of Southern Mexico.


Sarah Messmer, Class of 2018, has worked for years with Wuqu’ Kawoq – Maya Health Alliance, an NGO that provides health care in Mayan villages, in the Mayan language.


Jonathan Reisman, Class of 2014 traveled to India to work on the Better Birth project, with Jonathan Spector and Atul Guwande.


Visit Rob Peck, Class of 2007, current faculty member for Weill Cornell. Rob lives in Mwanza, Tanzania full time with his family and teaches medical students and residents at Bugando Medical Center.


Multiple residents have visited Uganda for rotations in the last couple of years, including Jing Ren and Akash Gupta, Class of 2019, Rebecca Cook and Meredith Eicken, Class of 2015, Aura Obando Class of 2014,  and David Lyczkowski Class of 2013. In addition, Paul Krezanoski, Class of 2014  is conducting a study of his insectiside-treated bednets here.


US Away Rotation Sites

While not international, these two rotations offer unique medical training and cross-cultural experiences:


Harmony Caton, Class of 2014: “During my trip to Dillingham, Alaska I was able to work in an outpatient walk-in clinic, assist in the emergency department, cover patients admitted to the small inpatient service, and travel to a village clinic.  In the outpatient clinic in addition to routine primary care I was able to assist in chronic wound care, place pessaries, and provide contraceptive counseling.  I was also able to hone my urgent care skills including I&Ds, suturing, and basic casting skills.  In the emergency room I got experience stabilizing a trauma patient for transport (including assisting in intubation and bilateral chest tube placement), more suturing experience, and quite a great deal of triage skills.”


Indian Health Service

Eric Ritchie and Nina Mayer (both Class of 2012) currently work in Chinle, New Mexico. They rotated there as residents, as did Diana Lemly Class of 2012. Residents enjoy the opportunity to see and care for an incredible range of conditions, manage things in the context of being hours away from a tertiary care hospital, and do a lot of outpatient procedures.

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