Resident Publications

Below is a sampling of the publications of our current residents and most recent class of graduates. This list only includes publications occurring during their training.

Nora Abo-Sido (Class of 2022)

Abo-Sido, N, Simon, L and Tobey, M. Rates of Criminal Legal System Involvement Among Patients Who Are Discharged Against Medical Advice. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2018 Oct; 33(10):1616-1617. PMID: 29959611.

Akash Gupta (Class of 2019)

Patton ME, Kirkcaldy RD, Chang DC, Markman S, Yellowman M, Petrosky E, Adams L,Robinson C, Gupta A, Taylor MM. “Increased Gonorrhea Screening and Case Finding After Implementation of Expanded Screening Criteria – Urban Indian Health Service Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, 2011-2013.” Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 2016 Jun;43(6):396-401

Aisha James (Class of 2018)

Järvinen, K. M., Westfall, J. E., Seppo, M. S., James, A. K., Tsuang, A.J., Feustel, P. J., … Berin, C. (2014). Role of maternal elimination diets and human milk IgA in the development of cow’s milk allergy in the infants. Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 44(1), 69–78.

Bakshi, S., James, A., Hennelly, M. O., Karani, R., Palermo, A.-G., Jakubowski, A., … Atkinson, H. (2015). The Human Rights and Social Justice Scholars Program: a collaborative model for preclinical training in social medicine. Annals of Global Health, 81(2), 290–297.

James, A.*, Chen, Y.C.*, Kung, E., & Madhavan, V.(2017). A Case of Herpes Zoster and Meningitis in a Twice-Vaccinated Healthy Adolescent. Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

James, A. K.,Hess, P., Perkins, M. E., Taveras, E. M., & Scirica, C. S. (2017).Prescribing Outdoor Play: Outdoors Rx. Clinical Pediatrics, 56(6),519–524.

James A, Berkowitz SA, Ashburner JM, Chang Y, Horn DM, O’Keefe SM, Atlas SJ.Impact of a Population Health Management Intervention on Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease Control. J Gen Intern Med. 2018 Jan 8.doi:10.1007/s11606-017-4227-3.

Madeleine Matthiesen (Class of 2018)

Press, VG, Matthiesen MI, Ranadive A, Hariprasad SM, Meltzer DO, Arora VM. Insights into inpatients with poor vision: A high value proposition. Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2015 May;10(5):311-3. PMID 25755206

Matthiesen MI, Vela MB, Press VG. Health Literacy During Aging. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2015 Dec; 30(12): 1731.PMID 26245734

Press,VG, Matthiesen MI, Ranadive A, Hariprasad SM, Meltzer DO, Arora VM. The authors reply, “Insights into inpatients with poor vision: A high value proposition.” Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2016 May; 11(5): 386-7. PMID25755206

Jaffee EG, Arora VM, Matthiesen MI, Hariprasad SM, Meltzer DO, Press VG.Post-discharge Falls and Readmissions: Associations with Insufficient Vision and Low Health Literacy among Hospitalized Seniors. Journal of Health Communications 2016; 21 (sup2): 135-140. PMID 27660917

Louis A, Arora VM, Matthiesen MI, Meltzer DO, Press VG. Screening Hospitalized Patients for Low Health Literacy: Beyond the REALM of Possibility? Health Education and Behavior, 2017 Jun; 44(3): 360-364. PMID 27540034

Jaffee EG, Arora VM, Matthiesen MI, Meltzer DO, Press VG. Health Literacy and Hospital Length of Stay: an Inpatient Cohort Study. Journal of Hospital Medicine 2017 Dec; 12(12): 969-973. PMID 29236095