Recent graduates

Carolyn Boscia, M.D.

Carolyn BosciaBorn: Rockville, Maryland

Education: A.B., Princeton University, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Loves to: hang out with my husband and daughter, run, swim, bake, grill, take weekend trips to new places around Boston

Wants to: planning on a year of med-peds hospitalist work for now, and interested in medical education and quality improvement long-term

Ask me about: long-distance relationships, non-medical spouses, pregnancy and parenting in residency

Laura Flannery, M.D.


Born: Columbus, Ohio

Education: A.B., Dartmouth College; M.D., Georgetown University School of Medicine

Loves to: run, make guacamole, hang out with my big and crazy family, travel, BE OUTSIDE, take day trips to the beach

Wants to: figure out a career that combines my love of the inpatient setting and high acuity medicine, continuity of care, medical education, and transition medicine. Perhaps primary care/hospitalist, adult congenital cardiology, or pulmonary critical care, but the jury is still out!

Ask me about: finding the best coffee in Boston, Irish step dancing, a cappella, and my newest obsession-  barre!

Thomas Heyne, M.D., M.St.

Tommy picture

Born: Dallas, Texas

Education: B.A., B.S.,Univ. Dallas; M.St., Univ. Oxford; Fulbright Univ. Granada; M.D., Univ. Texas Southwestern

Loves to: sail (right next to MGH!), hike (White Mountains), bike, and fish; play rugby; paint, draw, do calligraphy, write and discuss poetry/literature/history/theology; throw fancy cocktail parties; go salsa dancing; help out with my Catholic parish

Wants to: devote myself to global health and the underserved: likely, move abroad permanently for direct clinical care and medical education, likely, as a physician for a Catholic NGO in Latin America

Ask me about: good museums; bad puns; the best organ and choral music; magic tricks for peds; life on a Texan farm; the countries I’ve visited.

Jack S. Rowe, M.D., M.P.H.

Rowe PGY2

Born: Atlanta, Georgia

Education: B.A., Miami University; M.D., University of Pennsylvania; M.P.H., Johns Hopkins

Loves to: cook, play music, travel, and hang out on the beach – anything on the water!

Wants to: improve the delivery of health services in under-resourced settings. I’m particularly interested in how large scale managerial and financial interventions can influence health markets and improve the quality of care provided in low and middle income countries.

Ask me about: Buzkashi horses, finding live music around Boston, grilling recipes

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