Nora Abo-Sido, MD

Born: Boston, MA


Education: A.B. Human Development and Regenerative Biology, Harvard College (2013); M.D. Harvard Medical School (2018)


Loves to: Run, hike, be outside all the seasons, create darkroom photography, dance, be with family and friends, talk about Planet Earth, travel, drive coffee and mentor students.


Wants to: Work with vulnerable, underserved communities locally and abroad while advocating for a more just world.  Interested in complex care primary care.


Ask me about: Anything Massachusetts!  I love this place!


Efi Akam, MD

Born: Dhahran Al-Janoub, Saudi Arabia


Education: B.A. Neurobiology, Harvard University (2012); M.D. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (2018)


Loves to: Camp and hike, attempt indoor container gardening (mostly unsuccessfully), listen to podcasts, paint and read fantasy novels


Wants to: Improve healthcare access and promote health equity through research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing; provide primary care to underserved communities locally and abroad.


Ask me about: Global health and health disparities, best fantasy book series, how to survive Boston winters, and why I love MGH.




Michael Kelly, MD

Born: Buffalo, New York

Education: B.A. Biochemistry and German, Colgate University (2012); M.D. University of Rochester (2018)

Loves to: Run along the Charles (and the Emerald Neckace, and the streets of Cambridge, need I go on?), check out the abundance of cafes in Central, find time to cook ideally after hitting up the farmer’s market

Wants to: help build a healthcare system we can all feel proud of, think about systems that care that promote health, continue working to better medical education

Ask me about: the keys to a great cup of coffee, living with a cheese monger, running during residency, podcasts, learning to trust the rebuilding process (a.k.a. being a Bills fan.)




David Olshan, MD

Born: Yarmouth, Maine

Education: B.A. Chemistry and Biology, Cornell University; M.D. Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pen Pennsylvania

Loves to: Hike, bike, play pick-up sports, or do pretty much anything outdoors.  Indoors, my new goal is to teach our Med-Peds family how to play bridge.

Wants to: Care for adults with congenital heart disease, including helping to ease the transition from pediatric to adult care.

Ask me about: Why Acadia is the best national park, how to put up with co-residents who don’t realize how great the Patriots are, and biking in and around Boston.
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