MGH Back Bay

Located in the historic Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, the MGH Back Bay Health Center is a family-centered Medicine-Pediatrics clinic. The clinic site has a rich history, founded in 1927 as the Boston Evening Clinic to serve the city’s service workers who could only attend appointments in the evenings. Mass. General assumed operations of the clinic in 1998 and the clinic continues to serve patients who work and live in the Back Bay, and has broadened to welcome patients from allover greater Boston, with a significant population of underserved patients. The faculty of the clinic includes five med-peds attendings and one family practitioner, and the site is home to four med-peds residents for their continuity clinic. MGH Back Bay has a particular interest in quality improvement, and has a range of ongoing practice improvement projects, which residents will experience. The clinic often pilots primary care innovations for the rest of the MGH community.

MGH Everett

Everett is an evolving community, having traditionally been made up of a large Italian population which has diversified immensely over the last decades to include large Central and South American populations, and more recently, growing Moroccan and Haitian populations. Residents working at MGH Everett Family Care are incorporated into the office’s team model which groups physicians with nurses and medical assistants to work together to care for their patients.There are seven med-peds physicians, two family physicians, one physician assistant, one nurse practitioner. Five residents have continuity clinic at Everett.

MGH Revere HealthCare

MGH Revere HealthCare is located in a state-of-the-art facility in the working class community of Revere.Primary care services include adult, pediatric, adolescent and prenatal care;the health center also offers a host of subspecialty services. Revere’s population is notable for successive waves of immigration. Irish, Italian, and Eastern Europeans initially settled in the area in the early 20th century. Now,Revere attracts new arrivals from Cambodia, Latin America, and increasingly from Africa. MGH Revere HealthCare is home for the program’s first Med-Peds Family Unit which has six Med-Peds attending physicians and a nurse practitioner and trains seven Med-Peds residents in family-centered care. The residents learn to work in a multidisciplinary team with other physicians,nurses, and mental health/social service. The clinic also has interpreters in several languages and has child development specialists that see each child during well-child checks.