Our Mission Statement:

To offer an exceptional combined training program in internal medicine and pediatrics that supports its residents in their personal and professional endeavors and prepares them to serve the community of their choice as outstanding clinicians, compassionate caregivers, and socially responsible leaders.

Our Goals:

  • Providing outstanding clinical training in both internal medicine and pediatrics:
The view from the Lunder building, taken by Aura Obando.

MassGeneral Internal Medicine Residency
Mass General for Children – Pediatric Residency

MGH alumni across all specialties are in positions of leadership in academic institutions around the U.S., nonprofit agencies worldwide, and numerous business ventures both small and large.  Training here provides great opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and developing a professional network.

  • Supporting residents in their personal growth and work-life balance throughout residency:

The MGH Med-Peds program is a family. We firmly believe that residency is not something to merely survive, but is a time of incredible personal growth. Bonding with colleagues and mentors is a crucial support during this season, and residents experience many life milestones outside of medicine. We view ourselves as a source of support throughout this time.