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Med-Peds residents practicing bedside ultrasound at noon conference

Med-Peds residents here do a wide range of procedures at all PGY levels and in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Our residents log their procedures in the ACGME online database. There are procedure conferences several times per year at Med-Peds Noon conference, always with a hands-on component in either the simulation lab, or with models/equipment in our conference room. In addition, there is significant procedure training through the Department of Medicine, including outpatient procedure clinics, and a high volume of inpatient procedures on medicine wards, MICU, CCU and the Step Down Unit. All fourth year residents also do 4 weeks of the “Senior On” rotation, in which they are the code team leader for the hospital.


A snapshot of the most commonly logged procedures in the past academic year (on adult and pediatric patients):

  • Abdominal paracentesis
  • Central Venous line placement
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Arterial line placement
  • ABGs
  • Thoracentesis
  • Laceration repair
  • Bladder catherization
  • Splint and cast placement
  • Arthrocentesis
  • IV placement
  • Intubation
  • Newborn Resuscitation