Meet Our PGY-4 Class

(left to right) Gregory Fricker, Audrey Carr, Miranda Ravicz, Sagar Raju
Med-Peds Fall Retreat 2020 – Smolak Farms

Audrey Carr, MD

Born: Scituate, MA

Education: B.S. Neuroscience (2012), UMass Amherst; M.D. Brown University (2019)

Loves to: Play with my goldendoodle puppy (Otis), hang with my husband, go for weekend adventures to anywhere where there is good food and wine, and see live music.

Wants to: Build long-term relationships with patients and families, deliver medical care that is compassionate and thoughtful, and teach

Ask me about: Having a dog and/or partner in residency, day trips to Rhode Island!

Gregory Fricker, MD

Born: Sayre, PA

Education: B.S. Biology, Emory University (2015); M.D. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (2019)

Loves to: Make photos, explore New England, get out hiking, and travel (outside of a global pandemic)

Wants to: Fight for a more equitable healthcare system and advocate for those experiencing homelessness  Ask me about: Moving from the south, Nearby (and not so nearby) adventures, animals, shooting old cameras, and having a long-distance

Sagar Raju, MD

Born: Bridgewater, NJ

Education: B.S. Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University (2014); M.D. Harvard Medical School (2019)

Loves to: Play tennis and ultimate frisbee, read, hike and generally spend time outdoors, play board games, bake things that have chocolate in them.

Wants to: Work on healthcare delivery with the goal of creating a more equitable healthcare system.

Ask me about: Living in Cambridge or outdoor adventures within driving range!

Miranda Ravicz, MD

Born: Fairbanks, AK

Education: A.B. Neurobiology, Harvard College (2014); M.D. Harvard Medical School (2019)

Loves to: karaoke, assemble Ikea furniture, eat out for breakfast, lounge by the Charles, shop at Costco

Wants to: be a palliative care doctor for adults and children, do research and advocacy in global palliative care

Ask me about: where to go for Korean food and karaoke, why I love East Cambridge, why I love MGH!