Our Graduates

Nora Abo-Sido (Class of 2022)

During her time at MGH, she collaborated with faculty spanning multiple departments to develop and launch the growing Mass General Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program and served on the Leadership Council for the MGH Asylum Clinic. After graduation, she will be a Commonwealth Fund Fellow in Minority Health Policy and work clinically as a Cardiovascular Hospitalist.

Eftitan Akam (Class of 2022)

Her long-term career goal is to cultivate national public health work around climate disasters and on-the-ground medical response. She is interested in health disparities, climate change prevention, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian relief. To that end, she will be completing the year-long Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Minority Health Policy at Harvard University.

Vinayak Venkataraman (Class of 2021):

  • Collaborating with adult oncology on a clinical outcomes study to better characterize remission in AML. 
  • Published a case report with pediatric oncology on secondary histiocytic sarcoma with BRAF V600E mutation after T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a very young child with dramatic response to dabrafenib and trametinib n on a pediatrics patient with complex oncologic disease

Seth Tobolsky (Class of 2021):

  • Studying LGBTQ+ recruitment for Medicine and Med-Peds
  • Worked at Hospital Doce de Octubre in Madrid, Spain for a month on inpatient endocrinology and pediatrics and obtained a Qualified Bilingual Staff designation at MGH for Spanish.

Rachel Erdil (Class of 2020):

  • Worked with the MGH Asylum Clinic to both complete medical asylum evaluations. 
  • Researched asylum seeker demographics and completed assessment regarding social determinants of health.
  • Presented a NEJM Cases From Mass General Hospital case of family separation at Pediatric Grand Rounds.

Margaret Threadgill (Class of 2020):

  • Led an internal medicine boot camp for COVID surge team providers, building a curriculum for non-internal medicine providers for both COVID and general adult medical topics. Presented across the hospital to multiple services and health professions. 

Yamini Krishnamurthy (Class of 2020):

  • Reviewed utilization of virtual visits for the adult congenital heart disease program to be presented at the national American College of Cardiology Conference.
  • Studied hypertension in adult congenital heart patients with Coarctation of the Aorta with the director of the MGH Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program.

Chris Valle (Class of 2020): 

  • Published a retrospective observational study to assess the utility of understanding factors associated with impaired right ventricular function in adult patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot. 
  • Served as the resident representative on the hospital wide quality improvement initiative to improve the inpatient STEMI care pathway.  
  • Performed a systematic review of care coordination practices for the inpatient management of asthma.
  • Presented a poster at the American Heart Association Meeting looking at cardiopulmonary exercise testing to predict long-term outcomes in adults with repaired Tetralogy of Fallot. 

Aisha James (Class of 2018): 

  • After residency, Aisha served as the Primary Care Chief Resident (2019-2020). She now works as a PCP at MGH Everett Family Care, and works to promote equity at MGH as the Associate Director for Diversity & Equity Committee, and the Advocacy Program for the Department of Pediatrics.

During Residency

  • led a population health management project with Seth Berkowitz assessing the impact population health management interventions have on racial and language health disparities.
  • participated in a multidisciplinary group Gun Violence Prevention and Research Task Force, creating educational documents for clinicians to educate themselves and their patients on gun safety.
  • participated in the Pediatrics Diversity & Equity group, working specifically on growing the number of URM residents in the MGHfC Pediatric Residency program.

Vimal Jhaveri (Class of 2018)

  • continued his work from medical school on C-STAHR: Community and Students Together Against Healthcare Racism. This project was started by 7 medical students and 6 community members to look at perceived discrimination by patients.
  • led and published an initiative promoting increased feedback in the Department of Medicine
  • led and published a study on procedural teaching and an additional study on feedback reminders in Med-Peds Clinic.

Rachel Harris Alinsky (Class of 2017):

  • Helped write and edit several chapters in the next edition of The Mass General Hospital for Children Adolescent Medicine Handbook (regarding transitions, bullying, and pregnancy).

Scott Nabity (Class of 2017)

  • evaluated novel rapid diagnostic technology for leptospirosis in Brazil and studied the incidence of leptospirosis presenting as aseptic meningitis.
  • studied public health surveillance for and control of communicable diseases, and looked at improving adherence to treatment for Latent TB infection in primary care.